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Reverse proxies have been held captive by Content Delivery Networks who modify them and lock them up in fixed networks. is unleashing these powerful tools by providing developers with:

What is a YXORP?
A Reverse Proxy or YXORP acts on behalf of your web server to determine how requests should be handled. Reverse proxies are powerful tools which make websites fast, secure, and scalable by caching content, blocking malicious traffic, and much more. Examples of reverse proxies include Varnish Cache, Nginx, and Modsecurity.  
Why free YXORP?
Reverse proxies have long been held prisoner by Content Delivery Networks and Application Delivery Controllers who modify their open-source powers and lock them up in rigid networks, preventing developers from unleashing the full YXORP power.
What a free YXORP world could look like: 
•  On demand content delivery
•  IP DDoS-proof Internet 
•  Content accelerated all the way from creation to delivery
•  Bad Bots Blocked
•  Frictionless deployments
•  A more scalable, flexible, faster, and more secure Internet is a website performance solution that works with leading ecommerce brands to improve their website speed and increase conversion rates. 

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  • Un-modified, open-source reverse proxies for caching, security, and more
  • A GUI for basic configurations
  • The ability to modify code for advanced configurations
  • A local environment for testing changes