Website Security Guide

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Included in this in-depth guide:

List of potential attacks and how they put your website at risk 

There are may different security risks your website faces, from known vulnerabilities that expose you to SQL injections and other types of hacking, to man-in-the-middle attacks, DDoS attacks, bad bots, and much more. This guide provides a comprehensive list of the threats facing ecommerce sites today. 

How to protect yourself with quick fixes and big wins 

When it comes to website security, there are some quick fixes like implementing HTTPS on all pages and scanning for vulnerabilities that you should undertake immediately, and other bigger projects that will protect your website in the long run. We provide an overview of both these areas so you can start protecting your site immediately. 

Protect your ecommerce site from dangerous attacks. 

Learn what threats you're up against and how to protect your website in this detailed guide.


Modern ecommerce websites face a range of threats ranging from vulnerabilities on platforms including Magento and WordPress to bots that scrape prices and attackers who can gain access to your entire customer database. Learn how to protect yourself with this free 15-page guide