Tutorial: How to speed up your site

with Varnish Cache

Learn about how Varnish Cache works to improve page speed, the basics of Varnish Configuration Language (VCL), and measuring Varnish with metrics   

About The Session:

Varnish Cache has become a popular open-source tool in recent years due to its flexibility and the ability for users to cache different types of content, including HTML documents. However, configuring Varnish using VCL can be intimidating for first-time users, and understanding how Varnish works and what metrics to measure is crucial to achieving  good web performance. 

In this interactive session section.io CTO Daniel Bartholomew will review the basics of Varnish Cache, getting started with VCL, and how to measure success when using Varnish. 

You'll Learn

How Varnish Cache works and where in your web application stack it sits. 
How to use Varnish Configuration Language to cache static and dynamic content. 
What tools to use and metrics to assess your Varnish Cache setup.  
How to troubleshoot common Varnish Cache problems. 





Daniel Bartholomew is CTO and co-founder of section.io. Daniel is an experienced web developer with expertise in Content Delivery Networks, Varnish Cache and VCL, and implementing Agile and DevOps workflows within organizations.  

About the Speaker

Daniel Bartholomew

CTO section.io

Watch the recording
Get the recording of this Varnish Cache tutorial here: 

About section.io

section.io is a content delivery solution that offers a choice of Varnish Cache versions along with several WAFs and other website optimizations.