Varnish Cache 101

A technical guide to speeding up your site with Varnish Cache and Varnish Configuration Language (VCL). 

About The Guide:

Varnish Cache is an extremely fast caching software which has become popular due to its flexibility and the ability for users to cache both static and dynamic content. However, learning Varnish Configuration Language and the flow of the VCL subroutines can be difficult for new Varnish users. This 8-chapter guide includes detailed information on Varnish and VCL, VCL configuration suggestions, and instructions on how to install Varnish. 


1. Basics of Varnish Cache

2. What Content to Cache with Varnish

3. Understanding Varnish Configuration Language 

4. Caching for Your Application With Varnish

5. Options to Install Varnish Cache 

6. Measuring Success in Varnish

7. Varnish Deployment Checklist 

8. How to Install Varnish

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8 chapters of in-depth Varnish Cache information and configuration suggestions. 
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