Advanced Varnish Cache Tutorial: Hole Punching for Sites with Personalization 

Learn about how to use Varnish Cache and VCL to cache pages with personalization, account, and cart information. 

About The Session:

Varnish Cache is a popular open-source tool that dramatically speeds up websites by caching content. One of the key benefits of Varnish Cache and the Varnish Configuration Language (VCL) is its flexibility when it comes to caching static and dynamic content, redirecting users to geo-specific sites, and caching pages even when certain elements of a page are personalized. 

In this tutorial CTO Daniel Bartholomew goes over how to use advanced VCL to hole-punch pages and achieve a high cache rate even when users are logged in. This is especially useful for any ecommerce websites who have a unique cart of every user, and other sites who experience a high percentage of logged in users.

You'll Learn

How to use VCL to cache for anonymous users
How to hole-punch pages using VCL and Edge Side Includes
How to use AJAX calls to add personalized elements




Daniel Bartholomew is CTO and co-founder of Daniel is an experienced web developer with expertise in Content Delivery Networks, Varnish Cache and VCL, and implementing Agile and DevOps workflows within organizations.  

About the Speaker

Daniel Bartholomew


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Duration: 50 minutes

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