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What Will I Learn?

Comprehensive explanation of website performance

There are a lot of different factors that influence website performance, from infrastructure considerations to code level decisions. This guide walks through all these factors from top to bottom to provide a complete understanding of how to create a high performing website.

Why cache is king

When it comes to website performance, employing a robust caching strategy is no longer a luxury. We break down different caching solutions as well as a detailed explanation of the best way to configure Varnish Cache for ecommerce sites.

How to take advantage of tips with a detailed action plan

Addressing performance problems can be a daunting task. The action plan included in this guide will get you started on the right foot and provide you with a realistic road map to get your site up to speed.

Which metrics truly matter

What is the best way to measure website performance? Should you worry about page load, time to first byte, or speed index? We break it all down here, along with some suggestions on the best tools to use to gather your data.

The Definitive Guide to Ecommerce Performance

It's no secret that in Ecommerce, site speed = sales. For every second of site speed improvement, incremental revenues have been measured to increase as much as 10%!

So how do you build a fast, scalable site? In this free, 30+ page guide, you will get a comprehensive overview of all the factors that contribute to website performance and scalability. Take advantage of quick tips to get your site up to speed, in addition to longer term strategies to help transform your site into a revenue machine.